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What is BMJ Quality?

BMJ Quality is an online workspace that supports individuals and teams through healthcare improvement projects and on to publication. We provide the necessary interactive workbooks, learning modules, tools, and resources to help make healthcare improvement simple. Access also includes an exclusive route to publication in the BMJ Quality Improvement Reports journal: a fantastic way to showcase and share your work.

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It will guide you

We’ll take you step-by-step through an improvement project to help you make a real difference for patients.


Work flexibly, faster & smarter

Our workspace allows you to work efficiently on projects as an individual or collaboratively as a team. You can also add a quality expert for support.


Easily meet CPD requirements

Over 20 hours of exclusive learning modules and webinars.




Get Published

Record, document and publish your work in the BMJ Quality Improvement Reports journal - a new peer-reviewed journal of quality improvement evidence.


Join a global community

Connect and interact with the international improvement community through our exclusive webinars, social media and forum.


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