How is BMJ Quality changing?

What is happening to BMJ Quality?

From Jan 2017, BMJ Quality Improvement Reports (QIR) will become a stand alone journal, separate from the BMJ Quality platform. To enable this transition, we will be changing to a new editorial system - ScholarOne. Through which all QI reports will be submitted for publication.

During 2017, we will be rebranding QIR as ‘BMJ Open Quality’ to signal our greater aspirations for the journal and new focus on sharing more QI work. As part of this change, at the end of 2017 we will be closing down the current BMJ Quality platform.

Why is this happening?

We have talked to many of our customers and users and are responding to their desire to focus on publishing projects. To do this, we want to use the very straightforward system our other journals use. This will allow us to concentrate on building the profile of the journal, giving a quicker turn-around to authors and expanding the range of improvement activity we publish.

In addition, BMJ has a long history of engagement with Open Access. We believe that the wide availability of research articles is critically important to our core aim of helping healthcare professionals and patients make better healthcare decisions.